The Benson Cure

The Benson Cure

  • Published by Talbot Press
  • Copyright 2017 by Leslie Parma
  • Rating: Intensity Level 2
  • Words: 13,250
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9781370154562


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What is the “Benson Cure?”

Short Description: Was it a cure? Or sexual abuse? Melanie’s parents were worried about their daughter. To their way of thinking, she exhibited some personality disorders and a few idiosyncrasies. So, they took her to Doctor Benson who had a substantial reputation for helping young women “settle-in.” Little did her parents or Melanie know what perversities were in store for her?  It was a series of hellish experiences and sexual abuse as the staff gave Melanie the “Benson Cure.”

The Cure? Or Sexual Abuse?

Long Description: Melanie had the usual problems that many an attractive young coed has in coping with life. But, her parents were worried. So, when the University’s psychologist recommended “treatment” they went along with his program recommendation. They sent Melanie to Doctor Mortimer Benson, a noted psychiatrist, who had a considerable reputation for helping young women “settle-in.” The good Doctor had perfected a treatment regimen, known as the “Benson  Cure” that he touted as gentle behaviour modification and attitude readjustment.

It really involved invasive psychotherapy, cold baths, enemas, shock treatment, sexual humiliation and sexual abuse. Admitted as a patient to the program during the summer break, soon poor Melanie got the “works” from the sadistic Nurse Riordan, horny orderlies Pablo and Leon as well as the troubled Dr. Sidney Hoffman. This is a graphic, shocking tale of emotional/sexual therapeutic treatment gone awry.

A BDSM Story for Fans of “Medical Procedures.”

To fantasize is human. And sexual fantasies are called to mind when humans want to be sexually aroused. They are the interior movies we summon when we want to turn ourselves on. As far as we know, everyone has some experience with sexual fantasy. And, for some people what they imagine can be very extreme indeed. The idea of psychological treatment where one is being restrained, acted upon and forced to submit to perversities has great appeal for some BDSM fans. This story deals with the situation of being the victim in a treatment center run by perverts.

Warning: The Benson Cure is a Talbot Press novella which features graphic sex and language, sexual humiliation and BDSM. All characters are 18 years of age or older.


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