Better Off Dead

Better Off Dead

  • Published by Talbot Press
  • Copyright 2013 by Shabbadew2002
  • Rating: Intensity Level 3
  • Words: 15,740
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9781370497041


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Apache Torture

Settlers in the Old West used to say you were better off dead than be captured and suffer Apache torture. Agnes Brady was a white settler in the Old West in 1872. After her husband was killed she was captured by the same Apache band that made her a widow. Agnes was put through cruel and humiliating ordeals as well as monstrous abuse by the braves and squaws of the band.

Shabbadew2002 likes BDSM

“Punishment, torture, humiliation and gross forced sex acts are the central spine in my porn tales. Why I like such things, I am not sure. I am not a psychologist; someone more qualified would have to explain it. But, there are plenty of villains… cruel Asiatic soldiers, sadistic black men, prison guards, corrupt cops, pirates and backwoods rednecks in my stories forcing women to do disgusting things.

My heroines seem to crave sexual humiliation. Sometimes they are whipped or subjected to torture first. Eventually they are raped and sodomized. Occasionally they are coerced into extremely degrading acts. More than their bodies, it is their minds and souls which are really raped.

I like share my fantasies online with people who are likeminded. Writing has helped me get in touch with my feelings. Early on, I saw the negative reaction I got from some people. Now I only open up to those who are as twisted as I am. I enjoy writing and have met people online from all over the world who are even more perverted than me. Cheers!” — Shabbadew2002

Warning: Better Off Dead is a Talbot Press Damsels in BDSM Hell novella. It features extreme graphic representations, explicit language, non-consensual sex and torture. All characters are 18 years of age or older.

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