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Talbot Press, as a publisher of hardcore erotic and BDSM eBooks, has an ongoing interest in how the world sees erotica, BDSM, cuckold, hot wife sex, sexual humiliation, race play, incest and other taboo subjects.

Check out this blog to keep track of issues and articles that concern fans of transgressive sex and its relationship with the larger world.

The Hucow Fantasy

The Hucow Fantasy

  • Some people think that swollen breasts ready to be milked are super sexy.
  • The natural connection of nipples to the clitoris is apparent to most women.
  • Most agree that tits and breast milk generate powerful emotions.
  • Some psychologists think that part of the incest urge comes from leftover, un-met sexual feelings arising from breastfeeding.
  • Many males like to treat women as nothing more than their girl parts.

The HUCOW fantasy is compelling…

Any of these points may help to explain interest in the hucow fantasy. I recently wrote my second hucow eBook (Filipina Hucow… I also wrote Dairy Cow) and I get quite of few hits and messages from people who like this subject. Leaving the practical, realistic aspects for another discussion, I’ll vouch for the fact that this fantasy has strong viserceral appeal for many erotic fiction fans. Many of my readers like it.  At one time, there was a very active chatroom on Yahoo devoted to this topic. I think FetLife has a fair number of hucow fans as well.

Here’s why it’s popular: Hucows are fairy tale creatures.

The Hucow fantasy is gloriously debasing and degrading. It appeals to BDSM devotees since it encapsulates sadism, masochism, dominance and submission into one very tight, contained narrative. The world of the hucow is a perfect fantasy world. For BDSM devotees who find it hard, in the real world, to juggle kinky fantasies and relationships, the Hucow Fantasy is a perfect fairy tale. And a fairy tale is defined as a children’s story about magical and imaginary beings and lands.

Men and women like this idea…

The Hucow world is almost perfect in this regard. It is self-contained (as only a remote farmstead can be) and has perfectly drawn roles for men and women. For a woman, to be cared for as a loved pet/animal is perhaps a strange, but, in its own way, understandable fantasy. It absolves her of all responsibility. She can give herself over to the sensuous world of having her breasts and sex stimulated (As hucow fans know… sex and semen is good for milk production). For some women this is a satisfying fantasy to entertain. For men, it places them in the role of the overlord… the powerful stablemaster. The man who dominates and controls his charges in ways that reinforces their female nature. Everybody wins.

Since I write hardcore erotic eBooks, I like the genre` and I’m going to do another hucow fantasy in the future. Let me know your thoughts…


Race Play in the era of Political Correctness



An avant-garde, but increasingly accepted form of sexual role play in which people of different races consensually reject all political correctness (especially verbal) and propriety in favor of sexual pleasure and fulfillment.

So what’s this niche all about? Here’s what one writer had to say about the subject more than a decade ago:

Sex And Raceplay

On the edge of edgy sex, racial S&M excites some and reviles others.
” …Race play is being enjoyed in the privacy of bedrooms and publicly at BDSM parties, and it’s far from just black and white. It also includes “playing out” Nazi interrogations of Jews or Latino-on-black racism, and the players can be of any racial background and paired up in a number of ways (including a black man calling his black girlfriend a “nigger bitch”). White master seeking black slave, however, seems the more popular of the combinations. Race play is considered on the edge of edgy sex, but workshops on the subject are becoming standard fare at kinky conferences as people like (Mollena) Williams become comfortable with publicly speaking about it. Like any practice making its way into public conversations, the workshops include everything from personal testimonials to theories on why people of color are getting aroused by what some would see as just racism. Like any controversial sexual activity, race play has its critics. In May 2004, the title of a workshop at a BDSM conference had to be changed after protest over the original name, “Nigger Play: Free at Last.”  Mollena Williams herself has been the subject of several e-mails from people of color who, while enjoying BDSM themselves, accuse her of self-hate and recommend she enter therapy.”

 Talbot Press & Raceplay

Here at Talbot Press we have published several erotic eBooks by Leslie Parma that dealt with race play. They have proved to be among our most popular offerings in our library of hard-core BDSM humiliation books. Recently we had another writer of erotica, a multi-racial woman in the United Kingdom who is fascinated by ‘race play’, join our authors. Her name is Caramel Rose and we just published her first offering for Talbot Press: Tanya’s Descent into Depravity. It’s a very edgy story:

 A Synopsis of Tanya’s Descent into Depravity

Tanya, a beautiful black lawyer in London, is obsessed with edgy fantasies about race play. Online, she dabbles in submissive relationships but yearns for more. Then she meets Max who takes her on a journey that allows her to live out her deepest, darkest and most degraded fantasies. He is older, white and fully into scenes to train a black woman to experience what it is like to be a degraded slave. He becomes her Dom and introduces Tanya to caning, breast torture and every sex act imaginable; in the process turning her into a compliant, wet sex puppet.

 Our Opinion…

This is an extreme, erotic novella and it’s sure to create some controversy. We don’t know what to say about race play personally… other than in the privacy of one’s own bedroom anything is fair play among consenting adults. People are entitled in a ‘free’ society to enjoy their private sex lives without the community or the government censoring them. If they enjoy edgy ‘transgressive’ sex… then so be it! Live and let live. This is how we see the issue.


… Richard D. [Publisher] 2/16/16

Dirtiest Raceplay BDSM story ever?

Black Woman's Sexual HumiliationDirtiest Raceplay BDSM story ever?

This sickest of BDSM stories features the systematic degradation of an educated modern black woman by white racists. And her descent into this muck-filled hell that she comes to crave. Among bdsm stories this is pretty lewd. And it’s told in the most graphic, nastiest way possible. It even features forced incest (the woman is made to perform with her daughter) and bestiality (the scenes with the dogs are stomach-turning). So how do I know about this trashy tale?

I have to confess I discovered this story online surfing for a Raceplay BDSM story. No one dragged me; I wasn’t forced. I have to confess that I have become a fan of bdsm stories featuring rape and sexual humiliation. And one day, surfing, I found this eBook. I sampled it and then bought it. And I’m still embarrassed to say that I masturbate while reading it. That fact that I’m a woman makes that a bit more complicated. It would seem that these types of Raceplay BDSM story appeals to young white guys. I know I’m not alone in taking a lurid interest in bdsm stories, but it still isn’t easy.

And the fact that I’m a black woman in her late thirties makes all this even more problematic. I can’t explain it, but as I’ve gotten older it is becoming easier to accept what I am and that I like raceplay bdsm stories featuring black women abused by older white men. But, it still does make me a bit ashamed. The result is that virtually none of my friends know about my raceplay bdsm story addiction. I did have a boy friend for four years, but I wasn’t able to reveal this side of me to him. So, you can see that I’m not at all at ease here. But writing this blog entry is a form of penance for me. And I take comfort that I’m not alone.

Raceplay BDSM Story Reviews

Leslie Parma is an experienced writer of bdsm stories and Black Woman’s Sexual Humiliation was written for a fan. But, this was not just any raceplay bdsm stories fan. She is a black woman… a professor no less. She wrote two separate reviews of this raceplay bdsm story. I include them here so you can see why I take comfort in what she wrote:

Review by: Vanessa Jefferson on April 14, 2013 : star star star star star
I hope this and other authors are inspired by this bdsm story and the painful, truthful authenticity of my response to further explore and write more about the humiliation and degradation of black women and girls by white men, boys, women and girls in ways that let us see into the deepest, darkest passages of the savages we still are, whatever fragile vestiges and flimsy veils of delusion and denial we dredge up to trudge our way through the day.
(reviewed long after purchase)

Review by: Vanessa Jefferson on April 14, 2013 : (no rating)
As an African American professor of race and gender studies and mother of a daughter just out of law school, I found this story deeply disturbing on several levels… because of its degrading and disgusting racial and sexual stereotypes conveyed by the black mother and daughter in the story… because of the compulsive, submissive masochistic arousal the mother and daughter are perversely conveyed to experience at the repulsive, sadistic cruelty of their treatment by white men and women and even boys and girls… and because, most shameful and humiliating of all, I asked, even begged, Leslie to write it based on my fantasies and experiences.

As with other bdsm stories, Leslie wrote it well, pacing the plot and briefly, deftly tracing the characters with an empathetic sensitivity and acuity all the more astonishing–and all the more disturbingly anguishing–in the midst of the brutality and cruelty of the racist, misogynist sadism to which mother and daughter are subjected. It sears my soul to analyze, recognize and agonize over how historically, culturally and personally resonant this story truly is. I shudder with mortifying, horrifying fear and (self-) loathing over the prospect of my daughter reading this bdsm story and this review, uncovering and discovering her mother (and herself?) wrenched from years of delusion and denial, awash in excruciating shame drenched in gushing…

I sense, as you might, that the respondent has some “issues” with her own self-image. But then again, I’m convinced that all black women have some of these same issues. There is an undercurrent of self-loathing in our lives that is inexplicable. And that it’s connected to our sexual identities is fairly apparent. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that this woman masturbates thinking about being a degraded slave. For those of you who are not particularly familiar with the issue of black slavery and its impact on the psyches of black women, I can refer to you a very basic article in Wikipedia:

Wikipedia Article

Black slave whippedThe sad legacy of hundreds of years of slavery and denial by everyone has had a powerful effect on all our souls. And I feel it very personally. I have fantasies about being bound and whipped by a sadistic older white man. Have been thinking of this sort of scene since I was 15. Personally, I can picture myself being brought out for punishment, my dress being ripped off and then tied to a tree, facing my master, with others standing by and laughing at my plight, grinding my thighs together in fearful anticipation of the lash. And it’s imagining the fear, the shame and the loss of control that arouses me.

Being the dirty object of a group of men’s lust. I imagine being raped by the master, his overseers and even given to favored slaves to use. Dragged around by my hair, I am roughly used and sexually humiliated over and over again until I’m just a sobbing, sweaty mess with cum running down my thighs. The men call me names, taunt and mock me. I get wet thinking about it almost every time.

My Nook is near my bed and for the last two months and I have used it to power my masturbation at bedtime by re-reading Black Woman’s Sexual Humiliation. Personally, I have several scenes that turn me on, but more and more I see myself as the woman’s daughter and go back to those juicy parts over and over again. My hope is that other women who read this, especially black women, will use this post to understand what they feel.

For those of you who want to sample this Raceplay BDSM Story go here:

Posted by Delia ********

Read BDSM Stories – Exercise 1st Amendment Rights BDSM stories and exercise your 1st amendment rights

Personal possession of obscene material, like BDSM stories, in the home may not be prohibited by law. In Stanley v. Georgia (1969), the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that “if the First Amendment means anything, it means that a State has no business telling a man, sitting in his own house, what books he may read or what films he may watch.”

Thank God for that. But remember that this isn’t absolute. What the court may grant, can be taken away and the forces of political correctness are not happy with the freedom you have to read or watch what tickles you. It doesn’t take a genius to see that BDSM stories and sex scenarios that involve force and transgressive sex are despised by the bluenoses and other guardians of public morality. They don’t want you reading dirty books and bdsm stories. A thought, in their mind, is tantamount to the deed and they’d like to regulate such lewd fantasies.

One of the things you can do is to exercise your right to read and watch what you like. So buy a bdsm story today. Or rent a porn movie. Nobody has the right to tell you that you can’t enjoy such entertainment. As a porn writer I’m particularly sensitive to this issue. Every day I see the big corporate media giants hemming us in little more. You would think that Apple and Amazon, founded by men and women of a generation which grew up with such freedom of speech, would be using their clout to extend such freedoms, but the evidence is sadly the other way. Both companies have made it increasingly difficult for a porn writer like me to publish bdsm stories which the Supreme Court of the United States says are not to be restricted. Surprising, isn’t it?

Another of my bdsm stories…

I just published a bdsm story, Your Rent is Overdue!, [] which is as politically incorrect as you can imagine. It’s a heavy BDSM story about an dominant older man taking control of a young, inexperienced couple. it features whippings, oral, vaginal and anal sex, a gang bang, exhibitions and lots of humiliation. You can read it today, but there’s no guarantee that you will be able to download and read this bdsm story in five years time. Who knows, but if I had to make a bet, my money is on the side of censorship. I hate to admit that, but I see how powerful these political forces are for repression over the long haul. Strike a note for freedom today and read what you like. It may not last for too many more years.

Leslie Parma 4-28-14

Time for BDSM fans to come out of the closet?

Daimyo daughterTime for BDSM Fans To Come Out of the Closet?

A recent article in a college newspaper (The Torch) got me thinking about the public’s attitude about BDSM. As an author of erotic eBooks (…and most of them are pretty edgy, dirty BDSM humiliation stories) I’m pretty sensitive to how others see this interest/hobby of mine.

I include the link to the article ( ) if only because it touts a study that says people interested in BDSM are actually healthier, mentally and emotionally, than folks who choose “vanilla” sex.


According to the study in the May issue of the Journal of Sexual Medicine, individuals who engage in Bondage, Discipline, Sadism & Masochism (BDSM), tend to score higher on many indicators of mental health than their non-kinky counterparts. The Nyenrode Business University in the Netherlands conducted the study; it included 902 practitioners of BDSM and 434 who prefer “vanilla sex,” or conventional intercourse. And, the study shows that there was no evidence suggesting a direct connection between BDSM and mental disorders or victims of sexual abuse.

So, that got me to thinking. What if each one of us told a friend we liked such diversions? Is it still too risky? Or is it finally time for BDSM fans to come “out of the closet” and let our family and friends know what sort of sex we enjoy/prefer. I’m still on the fence. I’m willing to let one or two close pals know, but I’d be worried about revealing my preferences to others outside that small circle.

What do you think? Let me know…

Leslie Parma 1/23/14