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Cuckold – If you’re into tales of boyfriends and husbands forced to watch their girl friends and wives being sexed by superior studs, then this is the series for you.

These are some of the hottest eBooks dealing with the humiliation and shame of being cuckolded. These tales often feature BBC (big, black cocks) sexing white and Asian girl friends/wives.

Some stories are BDSM tales featuring cruel soldiers or jailers. Others are suburban tales of hot wives being taken over by their hunger for more cock. Fans of the genre will appreciate the forced scenarios about hot wives. And, what it means to the men forced to descend the status ladder with powerful psychological insights into the minds and souls of the men and women who travel down this fetish road. The husbands and boyfriends suffer the most outrageous humiliations and degradations, including ‘sloppy seconds’ and ‘creampies’. If you love tales that focus on cuckolding and hot wives, then Cuckold is for you.

Anguished Angels 2

Anguished Angels 2

  • Published by Talbot Press
  • Copyright 2017 by Shabbadew2002
  • Rating: Intensity Level 3
  • Words: 132,660
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9781370277872


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5 BDSM stories – novellas in a bundle

Kenyan Customs Nightmare – Couple runs afoul of corrupt customs official in Africa.
Shamed Japanese Slaves – Couples become BDSM slaves; husbands coerced into cuckoldry.
Family Abused in Kenya – Girl tried to smuggle animal on endangered list. Family is punished.
The Ordeals of Kazumi & Chiyoko – Noblewoman and her servant are abused in Edo Japan.
Brooke’s Two Mistresses – Coed finds two different women who subject her to BDSM games.

5 individual BDSM novellas (approximately 27,000 words each) for your enjoyment. Erotic tales of beautiful, nubile girls and MILFs who find themselves in extreme distress at the hands of sick bosses, corrupt officials, sadistic soldiers and kinky teachers. They suffer sexual abuse of the most outrageous kind as well as degradation, bondage, discipline and torture.

“I like share my hardcore erotic eBooks online with people who are like-minded. Writing has helped me get in touch with my feelings as a BDSM author. Early on, I saw the negative reaction I got from some people. Now I only open up to those who are as twisted as I am. I enjoy writing and have met people online from all over the world who are even more perverted than me. I am a good girl, yet these things turn me on. I guess I am not your typical middle-class woman. But who knows what all those suburban mothers are fantasizing about? This is what drives my fantasies today—that I’m punished and/or forced to do humiliating, nasty, sex acts and I respond.” — Shabbadew2002

Warning: Anguished Angels is a Talbot Press Bundle which features graphic sex and language, humiliation, interracial couplings, incest, bestiality and BDSM. All characters are 18 years of age or older.

Queened & Cuckolded

Queened & CuckoldedQueened & Cuckolded

  • Published by Talbot Press
  • Copyright 2017 by Joshua Reyes
  • Rating: Intensity Level 2
  • Words: 22,630
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9781370981922


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Cuckold Shame

Gary was really in love with his girl friend Lorena. And why not? She was a little bit older, but very attractive and sexy. The only problem: she was also very highly sexed; and poor Gary struggled to keep up with her. She liked to take the lead in the bedroom and within a short time she had marginalized and intimidated him. He was not man enough to bring her to orgasm by vaginal intercourse, so Lorena began to “queen” him. Initally, it was erotic and arousing for Gary, but also somewhat humiliating to have his face ridden as if it was a sex toy.


But things went from bad to worse when she began to take Isaiah, a more a more virile man, a dominant black man with a very big cock as her lover. Gary ended up cuckolded as well as queened. How many of you have wondered what it is about being cuckolded that is so exciting and so thrilling?  Why should something so humiliating and emasculating be such a “turn on?”  How many of you have already started getting a hard-on just reading about a girl friend who cuckolds her man?  This may be the eBook for you!

Warning: Queened & Cuckolded is a Talbot Press Cuckold Shame novella which features graphic interracial sex and language, cuckolding and sexual humiliation. All characters are 18 years of age or older.

Face-sitting and cuckolding become a husband’s destiny in this erotic eBook.

White Wife Pays Debt

white-wife-pays-debt-2WHITE WIFE PAYS DEBT

  • Published by Talbot Press
  • Copyright 2017 by Joshua Reyes
  • Rating: Intensity Level 2
  • Words: 15,300
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9781370835546


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Farmer Can’t Pay Debt and Ends Up a Cuckold

Farmer Trevor Bell owed his neighbor, Abel Balewa, a large sum of money. Trevor had borrowed heavily from the bank and when this loan for seed and equipment became due, he was desperate. He went to Balewa, who seeing the man’s desperation, agreed to a loan. When this loan became due, Trevor could not pay and Balewa took Trevor’s wife in as a bookkeeper.

The Debt and the Deal

Balewa was not happy with Trevor Bell who owed him money. He threatened go to the authorities to take his land and house if Trevor did not pay. After an argument, Trevor stormed out, but Balewa called the authorities. And within a week, the government sent a police Inspector, Kofi Dimka. He interviewed Balewa first and then went to see Trevor Bell. After he had conferred with both men, he told Trevor that he wanted a ‘bargaining session’. He wanted the two men to sit down and see if they could work out their differences. And that is how Trevor ended up on the porch at Balewa’s house with Kofi Dimka as a mediator. He “suggested” to Trevor that his wife, Jennifer, live in Balewa’s house and work as a bookkeeper until Trevor paid off the debt. “If you want to hold onto your house,” is what Dimka told Trevor. The white man acquiesced but begged Abel to keep his wife safe. Jennifer was nervous but her husband had assured her that Abel would respect her.

Dominated and Sexed

But, one day, Abel entered the bathroom when she was peeing and this began a domination that included every type of humiliation and sexing. It was not easy but, in the end, all she could do was take his big, black manhood into her vagina. Afterwards, Jennifer was blushing and ashamed; but he was exultant. Soon, Abel’s brother and both of his sons were enjoying Jennifer’s mouth also. She accepted interracial sex as her destiny–it was what she had to do.

Cuckolded and Pregnant

Eventually, her white husband learned that she was pregnant. He wondered if the child was his, but broke down when Jennifer admitted what Abel had been doing to her for months. When Trevor finally paid his debt to Abel after ten months, he was crestfallen and humiliated that he had been cuckolded; and his wife had given birth to a black baby.

Warning: White Farmer Cuckolded by African Neighbor is a Talbot Press Hardcore Novella which features graphic interracial sex and language as well as sexual humiliation. All characters are 18 years of age or older.


Impregnated in Kenya

Impregnated in Kenya 3Impregnated in Kenya

  • Published by Talbot Press
  • Copyright 2016 by Leslie Parma
  • Rating: Intensity Level 3
  • Words: 21,500
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9781311371911

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Interracial BDSM & Hot Wife

A British Professor and his young wife in London discover interracial BDSM games early in their marriage with a neighbor. Later, the professor takes a teaching position in Nairobi where he runs afoul of a corrupt police inspector and his cronies. A get-rich-quick scheme lands the professor in hot water and in order to get free he has to turn over his wife.


The poor professor is turned into a submissive, abused cuckold and his wife is sexed by the Inspector. He is aided by his cronies and a platoon of other willing, black Kenyans of both sexes. The end result is that his hot wife is exposed to every variety of interracial sex and soon becomes pregnant.

Warning: Impregnated in Kenya is a Talbot Press novella which features graphic sex, rough language, sexual humiliation, BDSM and interracial breeding. All characters are 18 years of age or older.

Interracial BDSM

Fans of African Revenge, African Revenge 2, Impregnated by Blacks and African Impregnation will enjoy Impregnated in Kenya. It’s a classic, hard-core interracial BDSM story where a white wife and her husband are abused as sex slaves. This BDSM eBook features sexual humiliation, whipping, discipline, bukkake and forced breeding. If you love Leslie Parma’s interracial humiliation stories you will enjoy this one.

Hot Wife Punished in Saudi Arabia

Hot Wife Punished in Saudi Arabia 3Hot Wife Punished in Saudi Arabia – Cuckold Shame

Published by Talbot Press
Copyright 2015 by Joshua Reyes
Rating: Intensity Level 2
Words: 24,550
Language: English
ISBN:  9781310452987


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A story of cuckold shame, humiliation and interracial sexing. The saga of a cuckold and his hot wife; when she suffers the consequences of her adultery in Saudi Arabia.


Brit David worked in the office of a foreign-owned business in Saudi Arabia. His wife Helen, bored, began an affair with Deshawn, a black African-American in country as a security guard. David found himself in the role of a cuckold. He loved his wife but, was helpless to stop what she had begun. She had become addicted to BBC; and turned David into a perverted cuckold especially when another African-American, Mike… a company driver, joined the party.  Deshawn had taken nude pictures of Helen and liked to show them around his office. This soon attracted the attention of members of the muṭawwiʿūn – the official police, who on behalf of the state, dispersed Sharia-rules with respect to religious behavior and morality.


After their investigation, Helen was arrested and interrogated. She was sentenced to public punishment and six months in prison by the Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice (CPVPV). Poor David ended up watching what they did to his wife and became perversely aroused by his wife’s ordeals.

A New Cuckold Shame novella from Joshua Reyes.