The Hucow Fantasy

The Hucow Fantasy

  • Some people think that swollen breasts ready to be milked are super sexy.
  • The natural connection of nipples to the clitoris is apparent to most women.
  • Most agree that tits and breast milk generate powerful emotions.
  • Some psychologists think that part of the incest urge comes from leftover, un-met sexual feelings arising from breastfeeding.
  • Many males like to treat women as nothing more than their girl parts.

The HUCOW fantasy is compelling…

Any of these points may help to explain interest in the hucow fantasy. I recently wrote my second hucow eBook (Filipina Hucow… I also wrote Dairy Cow) and I get quite of few hits and messages from people who like this subject. Leaving the practical, realistic aspects for another discussion, I’ll vouch for the fact that this fantasy has strong viserceral appeal for many erotic fiction fans. Many of my readers like it.  At one time, there was a very active chatroom on Yahoo devoted to this topic. I think FetLife has a fair number of hucow fans as well.

Here’s why it’s popular: Hucows are fairy tale creatures.

The Hucow fantasy is gloriously debasing and degrading. It appeals to BDSM devotees since it encapsulates sadism, masochism, dominance and submission into one very tight, contained narrative. The world of the hucow is a perfect fantasy world. For BDSM devotees who find it hard, in the real world, to juggle kinky fantasies and relationships, the Hucow Fantasy is a perfect fairy tale. And a fairy tale is defined as a children’s story about magical and imaginary beings and lands.

Men and women like this idea…

The Hucow world is almost perfect in this regard. It is self-contained (as only a remote farmstead can be) and has perfectly drawn roles for men and women. For a woman, to be cared for as a loved pet/animal is perhaps a strange, but, in its own way, understandable fantasy. It absolves her of all responsibility. She can give herself over to the sensuous world of having her breasts and sex stimulated (As hucow fans know… sex and semen is good for milk production). For some women this is a satisfying fantasy to entertain. For men, it places them in the role of the overlord… the powerful stablemaster. The man who dominates and controls his charges in ways that reinforces their female nature. Everybody wins.

Since I write hardcore erotic eBooks, I like the genre` and I’m going to do another hucow fantasy in the future. Let me know your thoughts…


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