Queened & Cuckolded

Queened & CuckoldedQueened & Cuckolded

  • Published by Talbot Press
  • Copyright 2017 by Joshua Reyes
  • Rating: Intensity Level 2
  • Words: 22,630
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9781370981922


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Cuckold Shame

Gary was really in love with his girl friend Lorena. And why not? She was a little bit older, but very attractive and sexy. The only problem: she was also very highly sexed; and poor Gary struggled to keep up with her. She liked to take the lead in the bedroom and within a short time she had marginalized and intimidated him. He was not man enough to bring her to orgasm by vaginal intercourse, so Lorena began to “queen” him. Initally, it was erotic and arousing for Gary, but also somewhat humiliating to have his face ridden as if it was a sex toy.


But things went from bad to worse when she began to take Isaiah, a more a more virile man, a dominant black man with a very big cock as her lover. Gary ended up cuckolded as well as queened. How many of you have wondered what it is about being cuckolded that is so exciting and so thrilling?  Why should something so humiliating and emasculating be such a “turn on?”  How many of you have already started getting a hard-on just reading about a girl friend who cuckolds her man?  This may be the eBook for you!

Warning: Queened & Cuckolded is a Talbot Press Cuckold Shame novella which features graphic interracial sex and language, cuckolding and sexual humiliation. All characters are 18 years of age or older.

Face-sitting and cuckolding become a husband’s destiny in this erotic eBook.

Dorestine’s Initiation

Dorestine’s Initiation

  • Published by Talbot Press
  • Copyright 2017 by Caramel Rose
  • Rating: Intensity Level 3
  • Words: 14,070
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9781370094349


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Race Play Sex & Subjugation

Dorestine is a devout and moral forty-five-year-old black woman living in London, but originally from Jamaica. She is attractive with a big-breasted, curvy body. This is Book 1 of the Dorestine series where we see the start of her initiation into the world of subjugation, humiliation and degradation by Mark Francis, a powerful white dominant. Francis was brought up in the Deep South but moved and established a successful company in London. Mark is the descendant of one of the largest slave-owning families in Mississippi.

Enslaved by her Pastor

Dorestine is introduced to Mark by her Pastor. Unknown to her, he discovered her hidden sordid Internet life where she secretly played out her darkest and taboo fantasies involving submission, BDSM, race play and her unnatural love of ‘man’s best friend’. Pastor Lewis recognises the potential for blackmail, and the asset she would make to Mark Francis’s secret club of white dominant men. This club is dedicated to the subjugation and torture of submissive black females. Pastor Lewis is an enthusiastic and perverted member of the club.

Degraded as a Maid

Dorestine’s initiation begins with her engagement as Mark Francis’s housekeeper with the most unusual and depraved duties. Her employer quickly assumes ownership of her and starts her on the journey that pushes her limits and boundaries further than she ever imagined. He begins to show her how much she craves depravity and takes pleasure in performing for him, and others.

Masochist and Hucow

Through herbal and other supplements, Dorestine is transformed into a human milk cow. She needs heavy breast torture and other elements of sexual masochism, such as heavy caning and paddling to achieve sexual release. Her sexual responses are most acute during race play and extreme  humiliation. She is instantly aroused by verbal abuse, racial epithets, derogatory treatment and canine play. By the end of Book 1, we see Dorestine transformed from a prim church-going woman into a sexual plaything ready to service Mark and his club members in any way he wishes.

Although her inner depravity needs this treatment to experience full erotic ecstasy, Dorestine is aware that Mark and Pastor Lewis hold information to blackmail her and blow her cover of respectability. In a perverted way, this knowledge only serves to increase the pleasure of her humiliation and subjugation.

Caramel Rose’s most extreme eBook to date.

Warning:  Dorestine’s Initiation is a Talbot Press Race Play novella which features graphic sex and language, race play, sexual humiliation, BDSM and some canine play. All characters are 18 years of age or older.

White Wife Pays Debt

white-wife-pays-debt-2WHITE WIFE PAYS DEBT

  • Published by Talbot Press
  • Copyright 2017 by Joshua Reyes
  • Rating: Intensity Level 2
  • Words: 15,300
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9781370835546


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Farmer Can’t Pay Debt and Ends Up a Cuckold

Farmer Trevor Bell owed his neighbor, Abel Balewa, a large sum of money. Trevor had borrowed heavily from the bank and when this loan for seed and equipment became due, he was desperate. He went to Balewa, who seeing the man’s desperation, agreed to a loan. When this loan became due, Trevor could not pay and Balewa took Trevor’s wife in as a bookkeeper.

The Debt and the Deal

Balewa was not happy with Trevor Bell who owed him money. He threatened go to the authorities to take his land and house if Trevor did not pay. After an argument, Trevor stormed out, but Balewa called the authorities. And within a week, the government sent a police Inspector, Kofi Dimka. He interviewed Balewa first and then went to see Trevor Bell. After he had conferred with both men, he told Trevor that he wanted a ‘bargaining session’. He wanted the two men to sit down and see if they could work out their differences. And that is how Trevor ended up on the porch at Balewa’s house with Kofi Dimka as a mediator. He “suggested” to Trevor that his wife, Jennifer, live in Balewa’s house and work as a bookkeeper until Trevor paid off the debt. “If you want to hold onto your house,” is what Dimka told Trevor. The white man acquiesced but begged Abel to keep his wife safe. Jennifer was nervous but her husband had assured her that Abel would respect her.

Dominated and Sexed

But, one day, Abel entered the bathroom when she was peeing and this began a domination that included every type of humiliation and sexing. It was not easy but, in the end, all she could do was take his big, black manhood into her vagina. Afterwards, Jennifer was blushing and ashamed; but he was exultant. Soon, Abel’s brother and both of his sons were enjoying Jennifer’s mouth also. She accepted interracial sex as her destiny–it was what she had to do.

Cuckolded and Pregnant

Eventually, her white husband learned that she was pregnant. He wondered if the child was his, but broke down when Jennifer admitted what Abel had been doing to her for months. When Trevor finally paid his debt to Abel after ten months, he was crestfallen and humiliated that he had been cuckolded; and his wife had given birth to a black baby.

Warning: White Farmer Cuckolded by African Neighbor is a Talbot Press Hardcore Novella which features graphic interracial sex and language as well as sexual humiliation. All characters are 18 years of age or older.


Leftist Student Tortured

leftist-student-torturedLEFTIST STUDENT TORTURED

  • Published by Talbot Press
  • Copyright 2016 by Leslie Parma
  • Rating: Intensity Level 3
  • Words: 13,910
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9781370601806


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Arrested, Questioned & Tortured

Oliva became a political activist in a South American country before it was rocked by a coup. Authoritarian Generals had established a dictatorship; and the secret police were soon hunting suspected political radicals for interrogation. Poor Oliva ended up in custody being severely questioned about her activities and friends. She tried to resist, but in the end, she was tortured and betrayed her friends and her lover.

Harsh interrogation techniques

Oliva’s political activism when she was in college soon landed her in hot water when the military took over the country in a coup. That is when Oliva found herself in the hands of a cruel bureaucrat, Basil, and a sadistic assistant, Raymundo. Both of these men were notorious for their ability to extract information from victims. This is the story of a South American dictatorship and the impact on a young woman incarcerated and cruelly interrogated for her political opinions. In the end, she was tortured and forced to betray her friends and her lover.

Warning: Leftist Student Tortured is a Talbot Press Hardcore Novella which features graphic sex and language, sexual humiliation, imprisonment and torture. All characters are 18 years of age or older.

Another interrogation tale from Leslie Parma, author of The Questioning, Female Spy Tortured, Woman Marine Captured, Breaking Sophia, Captured in Zuanda and Beastly Violations.


Bangkok Nightclub Slave

bangkok-niteclub-slaveBANGKOK NIGHTCLUB SLAVE

  • Published by Talbot Press
  • Copyright 2016 by Leslie Parma
  • Rating: Intensity Level 3
  • Words: 18,610
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9781370077779


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Caroline becomes a slave

Charlotte, a girl with masochistic fantasies, took a vacation in Thailand where her purse was stolen. She took a job as a dancer to earn some money in a nightclub notorious for “special” shows; and was forced into being a sex and BDSM slave.

Charlotte, a girl with masochistic fantasies, decided to take a vacation by herself in Thailand. She was bored with “vanilla” boyfriends and a routine job in New Zealand and eager for new experiences. But her trip turned dark when all her money, credit cards and ID were stolen from her hotel room. She was lured to work as a cocktail waitress and go-go dancer in a nightclub so she could earn some money to go home.

Special Shows

Management was skilled at turning girls into sex slaves and performers in “special” shows for their customers’ perverted entertainment. Soon, Charlotte found herself exploited and degraded. Fascinated, as a teen, with slave girl stories and dominant/submissive fantasies, the reality of her BDSM experiences in Bangkok were way beyond any of her fantasies.

Warning: Bangkok Nightclub Slave is a Talbot Press Hardcore Novella which features graphic sex and language, sexual humiliation, bestiality and BDSM. All characters are 18 years of age or older.


Anguished Angels

Anguished Angels - 7 -Shabbadew2002ANGUISHED ANGELS

  • Published by Talbot Press
  • Copyright 2016 by Shabbadew2002
  • Rating: Intensity Level 3
  • Words: 121,410
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9781370503384

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BDSM Stories in a bundle – ANGUISHED ANGELS:

*Sister Suzanne – A nun is captured and abused by rebel forces in the Congo.

*Abused Jewess in Zimbabwe – Esther falls afoul of the authorities in Africa and suffers the consequences.

*Brazilian Torture Ranch – A girl on vacation in South America is ensnared by a kinky ranch owner.

*Tortured French Journalist – A reporter exposes a corrupt politician and pays the price.

*Breaking Usha – An Indian woman is caught spying by the Indian and the British authorities and is interrogated and abused.

*The Sufferings of Xiulan – A cruel nanny punishes a nubile servant girl in love with the Emperor.

6 BDSM Stories

Six individual BDSM stories (novellas approximately 20,000 words each) for your enjoyment. BDSM Stories of beautiful, nubile girls and MILFs who find themselves in extreme distress at the hands of soldiers, cruel retainers, sadistic plantation owners and kinky female politicians. These damsels suffer sexual abuse of the most outrageous kind as well as degradation, bondage, discipline and torture. For fans of BDSM and sexual humiliation…

Tales of Anguish and Degradation

Written by the very popular BDSM writer Shabbadew2002: “I like share my fantasies online with people who are like-minded. Writing has helped me get in touch with my feelings. Early on, I saw the negative reaction I got from some people. Now I only open up to those who are as twisted as I am. I enjoy writing and have met people online from all over the world who are even more perverted than me.”

Warning: Anguished Angels is a Talbot Press Story Bundle which features graphic sex and language, sexual humiliation, interracial sex, incest and BDSM. All characters are 18 years of age or older.