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Anguished Angels 2

Anguished Angels 2

  • Published by Talbot Press
  • Copyright 2017 by Shabbadew2002
  • Rating: Intensity Level 3
  • Words: 132,660
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9781370277872


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5 BDSM stories – novellas in a bundle

Kenyan Customs Nightmare – Couple runs afoul of corrupt customs official in Africa.
Shamed Japanese Slaves – Couples become BDSM slaves; husbands coerced into cuckoldry.
Family Abused in Kenya – Girl tried to smuggle animal on endangered list. Family is punished.
The Ordeals of Kazumi & Chiyoko – Noblewoman and her servant are abused in Edo Japan.
Brooke’s Two Mistresses – Coed finds two different women who subject her to BDSM games.

5 individual BDSM novellas (approximately 27,000 words each) for your enjoyment. Erotic tales of beautiful, nubile girls and MILFs who find themselves in extreme distress at the hands of sick bosses, corrupt officials, sadistic soldiers and kinky teachers. They suffer sexual abuse of the most outrageous kind as well as degradation, bondage, discipline and torture.

“I like share my hardcore erotic eBooks online with people who are like-minded. Writing has helped me get in touch with my feelings as a BDSM author. Early on, I saw the negative reaction I got from some people. Now I only open up to those who are as twisted as I am. I enjoy writing and have met people online from all over the world who are even more perverted than me. I am a good girl, yet these things turn me on. I guess I am not your typical middle-class woman. But who knows what all those suburban mothers are fantasizing about? This is what drives my fantasies today—that I’m punished and/or forced to do humiliating, nasty, sex acts and I respond.” — Shabbadew2002

Warning: Anguished Angels is a Talbot Press Bundle which features graphic sex and language, humiliation, interracial couplings, incest, bestiality and BDSM. All characters are 18 years of age or older.

The Puppy Mill

The Puppy Mill

  • Published by Talbot Press
  • Copyright 2017 by Leslie Parma
  • Rating: Intensity Level 3
  • Words: 15,510
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9781370918751


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Revenge for a Son’s Suicide

The Puppy Mill is an extreme story of revenge. When Eric committed suicide over his girlfriend Mi, his father, industrialist Robert Taylor Shand vowed revenge. He hatched a diabolical scheme to punish the girl who drove his son to suicide. Shand had her kidnapped and confined naked in a dog crate. Then, with the help of a perverted dog trainer, a disgraced OBGYN doctor and hand-picked thugs, Mi was made into a ‘bitch’ forced to mate with dogs.

Turned into a Bitch

Innocent Eric fell in love with wild and sexy Mi. She drove him crazy with her infidelity which Eric could not handle. Despondent, he eventually committed suicide. His father, Robert Taylor Shand was a wealthy industrialist who doted on his only son. When Eric took his own life, Shand vowed revenge. He had Mi kidnapped, brought to a safe house and locked naked in a dog crate. There, with the help of a perverted dog trainer, a disgraced OBGYN doctor and a crew of hand-picked thugs he had Mi turned into a real ‘bitch’ forced to mate with dogs. By implanting canine ova in her womb, they put Mi on the path to becoming, literally, a ‘puppy mill’.


There, with the help of an dog trainer and a doctor, Shand  systematically turned Mi into a real “bitch” forced to mate with dogs. Since the gestation period for dogs is only two months, this cruel, horrid scheme could result in poor Mi being made pregnant more than once. Therefore, they literally put the girl on a path to becoming a ‘puppy mill’.  This eBook is a very disturbing, graphic tale of obsession and revenge.

Warning: The Puppy Mill is a Talbot Press Hardcore Novella which features graphic forced sex and language, sexual humiliation, slavery, bestiality and forced pregnancy. All characters are 18 years of age or older.

Leslie’s Extreme Tales

The perverted tale chronicled therein is another of Leslie Parma’s depraved creations. It has been said that you really don’t know a person sexually until you have some idea of their sex fantasies, so their choice of reading material can be instructive.

Leslie’s readers enjoy her very extreme fantasies, but it does not mean that they would actually want to experience them. Therefore, the real value of sex fantasies is a release mechanism similar to dreams and sleep in maintaining mental health. Leslie Parma believes there is value in giving some rein to our fantasies. As an author, she has written eBooks with a bestiality theme: Bangkok Sex Show, Tijuana Donkey Show, Bangkok Nightclub Slave and Beastly Violations. The Puppy Mill may be her most extreme eBook yet dealing with interspecies sex.


White Widow in Zimbabwe

White Widow in Zimbabwe6White Widow in Zimbabwe

Interracial sex, harsh interrogation, sexual slavery & forced breeding…

Published by Talbot Press
Copyright 2016 by Leslie Parma
Rating: Intensity Level 3
Words: 39,480
Language: English
ISBN: 9781311567864

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Sarah, a white widow and business owner, lives under a troubled regime. She falls afoul of Baas Okonkwo, a sadistic policeman who begins to victimize her and her stepson. Sarah is questioned and harshly interrogated and confesses to questionable crimes as well as betraying friends. The widow loses her business and her freedom ending up a humiliated, degraded sex slave to Okonkwo and others in this tale of interracial sexual slavery.

WARNING: White Widow in Zimbabwe is a Talbot Press novella which features graphic sex acts, rough language, sexual humiliation, an interrogation, interracial sex, breeding and BDSM. All characters are 18 years of age or older.

A new hardcore novella from Leslie Parma

Fans of African Revenge, African Revenge 2, Cuckold Punishment Camp, Impregnated by Blacks, African Impregnation, Defiled by the Savages and Bangkok Dog Show will really enjoy Leslie Parma’s White Widow in Zimbabwe. It’s a similar hard-core interracial sex drama where a white woman and her stepson are abused and trained to be sex slaves. This erotic BDSM eBook features sexual humiliation, punishment, degradation, an intense interrogation scene, a trip to a sadistic doctor’s office and forced breeding. If you love interracial BDSM humiliation stories this will really trip your trigger. Not for the faint of heart! BTW, it features a “dog trolley” scene!


God Forgive Me


  • Copyright 2014 by Leslie Parma
  • Rating: Intensity Level 3
  • Words: 68,956
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9781311306616



A new Race Play novel from Leslie Parma.

A young, professional, African-American woman wrote Leslie Parma in July 2014 about her reaction to reading the author’s Race Play books, specifically Black Woman’s Sexual Humiliation and Angela’s Shame.  Apparently, these two race play books about the descent of a black woman into sexual slavery had triggered something. And she wanted Leslie to write a similar story with her own fantasies in mind. God Forgive Me is the result.

Punishment & Abuse Fantasies

This is a tale about an African-American businesswoman, Taylor, who’s engaged to Eric, a successful young white man. Approaching 30, Taylor is eager to get married and start a family, but the demons in her psyche won’t let her go. She likes to fantasize about being punished and sexually humiliated by whites. These daydreams fuel masturbation that leaves her feeling guilty.


Eric’s father, Hugh,  really turns her life around. He is a rich racist who thinks Taylor isn’t good enough for his son. And when he puts his hand on Taylor’s big butt and begins to blackmail her, the two of them begin an affair that results in the wild sexual exploitation of Taylor by Hugh and his sick friends.

Race play is a taboo area in an age of political correctness. This series explores the sexual humiliation and submission of black women who crave sexual abuse and slavery at the hands of white men. Not for the faint of heart! If you’re offended by racist terms and interracial sex, this this is not the novel for you. God Forgive Me is a very graphic, emotionally disturbing race play story.




Captives of the Black Pirate

Captives of the Black Pirate 7Captives of the Black Pirate

  • Copyright 2013 by Leslie Parma
  • Rating: Intensity Level 3
  • Words: 18,490
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9781301256914

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BDSM Story about a Woman and Her Daughter

A Spanish noblewoman, Señora Carmela Asturias and her 18 year old daughter Graciela, were on board a Spanish galleon, the San Isidro headed home to Spain. Loaded with booty from the new world the ship is boarded, the crew is killed and they’re captured by the infamous Black Pirate in 1716. A former slave, Black Caesar was notorious for his treatment of women.

Whipped and Abused

The mother and daughter are stripped, whipped and raped methodically on board the pirate ship, The Black Swan. But it is when they are brought to the pirate’s hideout, Caesar’s Rock, an island off the coast of Florida, that the real depravities began, including bestial rape of mother and daughter by dogs and Carmela’s rape by a donkey. This is not a tale for the squeamish!

WARNING: Captives of the Black Pirate is a Talbot Press Hardcore Novella, a BDSM story and features extremely graphic sexual representations, explicit language, discipline, bondage, torture, rape, sodomy and bestiality. All characters are 18 years of age or older.