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Anguished Angels

Anguished Angels - 7 -Shabbadew2002ANGUISHED ANGELS

  • Published by Talbot Press
  • Copyright 2016 by Shabbadew2002
  • Rating: Intensity Level 3
  • Words: 121,410
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9781370503384

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BDSM Stories in a bundle – ANGUISHED ANGELS:

*Sister Suzanne – A nun is captured and abused by rebel forces in the Congo.

*Abused Jewess in Zimbabwe – Esther falls afoul of the authorities in Africa and suffers the consequences.

*Brazilian Torture Ranch – A girl on vacation in South America is ensnared by a kinky ranch owner.

*Tortured French Journalist – A reporter exposes a corrupt politician and pays the price.

*Breaking Usha – An Indian woman is caught spying by the Indian and the British authorities and is interrogated and abused.

*The Sufferings of Xiulan – A cruel nanny punishes a nubile servant girl in love with the Emperor.

6 BDSM Stories

Six individual BDSM stories (novellas approximately 20,000 words each) for your enjoyment. BDSM Stories of beautiful, nubile girls and MILFs who find themselves in extreme distress at the hands of soldiers, cruel retainers, sadistic plantation owners and kinky female politicians. These damsels suffer sexual abuse of the most outrageous kind as well as degradation, bondage, discipline and torture. For fans of BDSM and sexual humiliation…

Tales of Anguish and Degradation

Written by the very popular BDSM writer Shabbadew2002: “I like share my fantasies online with people who are like-minded. Writing has helped me get in touch with my feelings. Early on, I saw the negative reaction I got from some people. Now I only open up to those who are as twisted as I am. I enjoy writing and have met people online from all over the world who are even more perverted than me.”

Warning: Anguished Angels is a Talbot Press Story Bundle which features graphic sex and language, sexual humiliation, interracial sex, incest and BDSM. All characters are 18 years of age or older.

God Forgive Me


  • Copyright 2014 by Leslie Parma
  • Rating: Intensity Level 3
  • Words: 68,956
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9781311306616



A new Race Play novel from Leslie Parma.

A young, professional, African-American woman wrote Leslie Parma in July 2014 about her reaction to reading the author’s Race Play books, specifically Black Woman’s Sexual Humiliation and Angela’s Shame.  Apparently, these two race play books about the descent of a black woman into sexual slavery had triggered something. And she wanted Leslie to write a similar story with her own fantasies in mind. God Forgive Me is the result.

Punishment & Abuse Fantasies

This is a tale about an African-American businesswoman, Taylor, who’s engaged to Eric, a successful young white man. Approaching 30, Taylor is eager to get married and start a family, but the demons in her psyche won’t let her go. She likes to fantasize about being punished and sexually humiliated by whites. These daydreams fuel masturbation that leaves her feeling guilty.


Eric’s father, Hugh,  really turns her life around. He is a rich racist who thinks Taylor isn’t good enough for his son. And when he puts his hand on Taylor’s big butt and begins to blackmail her, the two of them begin an affair that results in the wild sexual exploitation of Taylor by Hugh and his sick friends.

Race play is a taboo area in an age of political correctness. This series explores the sexual humiliation and submission of black women who crave sexual abuse and slavery at the hands of white men. Not for the faint of heart! If you’re offended by racist terms and interracial sex, this this is not the novel for you. God Forgive Me is a very graphic, emotionally disturbing race play story.




The Emperor’s Concubine

The Emperor's ConcubineThe Emperor’s Concubine

  • Copyright 2013 by Leslie Parma
  • Rating: Intensity Level 3
  • Words: 16,644
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9781301038855

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Chinese BDSM

Yan is a servant girl in the Imperial household in 17th century China who becomes the victim of court intrigue. She attracts the young Emperor and the scrutiny of  his nanny, Madame Ke, who is the real power behind the throne. Lan decides to destroy Yan in the Emperor’s eyes by turning her into a sex toy and degraded slut. She is aided in this nefarious scheme by Kang, the eunuch, and her own maid Meilin, who help her force new degradations on the manipulated concubine.

Chinese girl Subjected to Degradation and Humiliation

Madame Ke was allowed to conduct torture and there were no rules for this. The Imperial household did lay down rules limiting the use of torture in official proceedings. This was a great improvement over previous eras where might made right. But, Yan was subjected to horrid punishments nevertheless because she had aroused the ire of those protecting the Emperor.

The Emperor’s Concubine is a novella and a Private BDSM Fantasies book. Each book in this series is a real person’s sexual fantasy compiled by the author, Leslie Parma.

Warning: Not for the squeamish. This hardcore Chinese BDSM story features extreme graphic representations, explicit language, extreme BDSM, non-consensual sex and torture. All characters are 18 years of age or older.