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Dorestine’s Initiation

Dorestine’s Initiation

  • Published by Talbot Press
  • Copyright 2017 by Caramel Rose
  • Rating: Intensity Level 3
  • Words: 14,070
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9781370094349


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Race Play Sex & Subjugation

Dorestine is a devout and moral forty-five-year-old black woman living in London, but originally from Jamaica. She is attractive with a big-breasted, curvy body. This is Book 1 of the Dorestine series where we see the start of her initiation into the world of subjugation, humiliation and degradation by Mark Francis, a powerful white dominant. Francis was brought up in the Deep South but moved and established a successful company in London. Mark is the descendant of one of the largest slave-owning families in Mississippi.

Enslaved by her Pastor

Dorestine is introduced to Mark by her Pastor. Unknown to her, he discovered her hidden sordid Internet life where she secretly played out her darkest and taboo fantasies involving submission, BDSM, race play and her unnatural love of ‘man’s best friend’. Pastor Lewis recognises the potential for blackmail, and the asset she would make to Mark Francis’s secret club of white dominant men. This club is dedicated to the subjugation and torture of submissive black females. Pastor Lewis is an enthusiastic and perverted member of the club.

Degraded as a Maid

Dorestine’s initiation begins with her engagement as Mark Francis’s housekeeper with the most unusual and depraved duties. Her employer quickly assumes ownership of her and starts her on the journey that pushes her limits and boundaries further than she ever imagined. He begins to show her how much she craves depravity and takes pleasure in performing for him, and others.

Masochist and Hucow

Through herbal and other supplements, Dorestine is transformed into a human milk cow. She needs heavy breast torture and other elements of sexual masochism, such as heavy caning and paddling to achieve sexual release. Her sexual responses are most acute during race play and extreme  humiliation. She is instantly aroused by verbal abuse, racial epithets, derogatory treatment and canine play. By the end of Book 1, we see Dorestine transformed from a prim church-going woman into a sexual plaything ready to service Mark and his club members in any way he wishes.

Although her inner depravity needs this treatment to experience full erotic ecstasy, Dorestine is aware that Mark and Pastor Lewis hold information to blackmail her and blow her cover of respectability. In a perverted way, this knowledge only serves to increase the pleasure of her humiliation and subjugation.

Caramel Rose’s most extreme eBook to date.

Warning:  Dorestine’s Initiation is a Talbot Press Race Play novella which features graphic sex and language, race play, sexual humiliation, BDSM and some canine play. All characters are 18 years of age or older.

Jadonna the Slave

Jadonna the Slave 2JADONNA the SLAVE

  • Published by Talbot Press
  • Copyright 2016 by Leslie Parma
  • Rating: Intensity Level 3
  • Words: 42,720
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9781310054136

A new race play novel from Leslie Parma

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Modified and changed

TV talk show host Jadonna is a beautiful black woman who falls in love with her producer, a white man and becomes a slave. She does not know he has a girlfriend… a white girlfriend. Her new boyfriend soon introduces Jadonna to race play sex. He whips her and treats her like a slave of the old South.  She’s horrified to discover that she likes what he does to her in the bedroom. And when she does a show about body modification, her BF gets into that kink in a big way. Soon, he subjects her to the augmentation of her nipples, clitoris and inner labia based on tribal practices from Africa to create his own “Hottentot Venus.” Jadonna is soon forbidden to shave her underarms or her between her legs and has to stop straightening her hair. The boyfriend turns her into a degraded sex slave with pumped “girl parts”— and then even lower into an “animal” for his pleasure.

The Slave of her passions…

And the boyfriend, all along, has been cuckolding her with his white girlfriend. The white girl, for revenge, abuses Jadonna and turns her out to her younger sister (who soon includes her cruel white girlfriends). Licking feet, anus and cunt becomes the routine with the younger sister and her pals too. And then Jadonna’s boyfriend discovers that his sex slave is responsive to pissing & shitting humiliation. She becomes the “exhibit” used as a sex slave to entertain his racist white pals at gang bangs — part of a BDSM Slave group.

Race Play Story

What happens to Jadonna (and her masochistic need for such humiliation/degradation) is the opposite of her public persona. She comes to crave abuse from whites. Poor Jadonna is caught in a terrible dilemma: she has fallen in love with her white producer boyfriend, his girlfriend’s sister and her need for sexual humiliation. Jadonna the Slave is a race play novel that will horrify many people who hope that the time for such racial abuse has passed.

A new novel about sex slavery and race play sex from Leslie Parma.


Race Play in the era of Political Correctness



An avant-garde, but increasingly accepted form of sexual role play in which people of different races consensually reject all political correctness (especially verbal) and propriety in favor of sexual pleasure and fulfillment.

So what’s this niche all about? Here’s what one writer had to say about the subject more than a decade ago:

Sex And Raceplay

On the edge of edgy sex, racial S&M excites some and reviles others.
” …Race play is being enjoyed in the privacy of bedrooms and publicly at BDSM parties, and it’s far from just black and white. It also includes “playing out” Nazi interrogations of Jews or Latino-on-black racism, and the players can be of any racial background and paired up in a number of ways (including a black man calling his black girlfriend a “nigger bitch”). White master seeking black slave, however, seems the more popular of the combinations. Race play is considered on the edge of edgy sex, but workshops on the subject are becoming standard fare at kinky conferences as people like (Mollena) Williams become comfortable with publicly speaking about it. Like any practice making its way into public conversations, the workshops include everything from personal testimonials to theories on why people of color are getting aroused by what some would see as just racism. Like any controversial sexual activity, race play has its critics. In May 2004, the title of a workshop at a BDSM conference had to be changed after protest over the original name, “Nigger Play: Free at Last.”  Mollena Williams herself has been the subject of several e-mails from people of color who, while enjoying BDSM themselves, accuse her of self-hate and recommend she enter therapy.”

 Talbot Press & Raceplay

Here at Talbot Press we have published several erotic eBooks by Leslie Parma that dealt with race play. They have proved to be among our most popular offerings in our library of hard-core BDSM humiliation books. Recently we had another writer of erotica, a multi-racial woman in the United Kingdom who is fascinated by ‘race play’, join our authors. Her name is Caramel Rose and we just published her first offering for Talbot Press: Tanya’s Descent into Depravity. It’s a very edgy story:

 A Synopsis of Tanya’s Descent into Depravity

Tanya, a beautiful black lawyer in London, is obsessed with edgy fantasies about race play. Online, she dabbles in submissive relationships but yearns for more. Then she meets Max who takes her on a journey that allows her to live out her deepest, darkest and most degraded fantasies. He is older, white and fully into scenes to train a black woman to experience what it is like to be a degraded slave. He becomes her Dom and introduces Tanya to caning, breast torture and every sex act imaginable; in the process turning her into a compliant, wet sex puppet.

 Our Opinion…

This is an extreme, erotic novella and it’s sure to create some controversy. We don’t know what to say about race play personally… other than in the privacy of one’s own bedroom anything is fair play among consenting adults. People are entitled in a ‘free’ society to enjoy their private sex lives without the community or the government censoring them. If they enjoy edgy ‘transgressive’ sex… then so be it! Live and let live. This is how we see the issue.


… Richard D. [Publisher] 2/16/16

Tanya’s Descent into Depravity

Tanya's Descent into Depravity 6Tanya’s Descent into Depravity

Published by Talbot Press
Copyright 2016 by Caramel Rose
Rating: Intensity Level 2
Words: 19,860
Language: English
ISBN: 9781310229442


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Race Play sex at its most intense…

Tanya, a beautiful black lawyer in London, is obsessed with edgy fantasies about race play. Online, she dabbles in submissive relationships but yearns for more. Then, she meets Max who takes her on a journey that allows her to live out her deepest, darkest and most degraded fantasies. Max is older, white and fully into scenes to train a black woman to experience what it is like to be a degraded slave. He becomes her Dom and introduces Tanya to caning, breast torture and every sex act imaginable.

In the process, he turns her into a compliant, wet sex puppet. This is an extreme, erotic novella for aficionados of race play between white males and consenting, gorgeous black females.
WARNING: Tanya’s Descent into Depravity is a Talbot Press novella which features graphic sex, rough language, sexual humiliation, race play and BDSM. All characters are 18 years of age or older.

Caramel Rose, an educated black woman, loves race play sex…

Caramel Rose is a black mixed race (bi-racial) professional British woman, living in London. Although she was not born in the UK, she has been there from an early age when she went to boarding school – one of the top private girls’ schools in the UK. The author has what most would consider a relatively privileged background, and holds a string of university degrees. So why do she write in this genre?

Ms. Rose believes that an interest in transgressive sex belongs to any class, gender or ethnicity. But you do need to be adventurous to imagine some of the scenarios she writes about, and even more so to actually practice them. Her friends and family would find this aspect of Caramel Rose difficult to understand. What she writes is taboo race play erotica.  Not for the squeamish or politically correct.

Tanya is book 1 of a Trilogy: Be on the lookout for two sequels to come:


Angela’s Shame

Angela's Shame4Angela’s Shame

  • Copyright 2013 by Leslie Parma
  • Rating: Intensity Level 3
  • Words: 27,360
  • Language: English
  • ISBN: 9781301329878

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Race Play by White Racists

Angela Berry is a young, black woman, self-confident, poised, bright, an achiever who enters the FBI straight out of college, goes through training, and becomes aware of an on-going investigation into a white supremacist group.

She is passionately determined to join the investigation. Seeing herself in naively heroic terms, she offers a dangerous way to arrest the group members for unlawful imprisonment, kidnapping, assault, sexual battery and federal hate-crime violations by offering herself as “bait.”

Aroused by Race Play

But once she gets close to the group she’s drugged and broken down, used by white men and girls in race play abuse. She becomes shamefully aroused by their treatment. Another undercover FBI agent planted in the group is forced collaborate in humiliating and degrading her as well.

Degraded and Destroyed!

Angela is emotionally destroyed as the group’s leader tortures her into participating in humiliating and degrading scenes that involve whipping and forced sex with young white women. The group’s racist, perverted leader literally throws her to the dogs. She’s released, but her superiors see the DVD of her participating in a gang bang, she’s suspended for her own good. She is eventually released from the FBI Bureau and given therapy and severance pay.

WARNING: Angela’s Shame is a Private BDSM Fantasies novella, a race play story and features graphic heterosexual sex, extreme BDSM, torture and bestiality. All characters are 18 years of age or older.