They Trained his Girlfriend

They Trained his Girlfriend

  • Published by Talbot Press
  • Copyright 2017 by Joshua Reyes
  • Rating: Intensity Level 2
  • Words:
  • Language: English
  • ISBN:

Coming June 2017

Girlfriend Becomes BBC Slut

Joshua and his girlfriend, Grace, were having some problems. He did see her for a few weeks when she went to work at a club run by a black gangster. What happened is that this older thug had taken her in hand. He and his crew began “training” her. Finally Joshua went to the club and learned first-hand how his sexy girlfriend had been turned into a submissive BBC loving slut.

His girlfriend learns all about wet, dark nasty sex

Author Joshua Reyes uses his own experience with a former girlfriend to craft a cuckold tale that will really click with fans of cuckold erotica. In this version, Joshua outlines what could have happened with Grace, his old flame. The way he tells it, she went to work as a cocktail waitress, at a club. It was owned and run by an older black, named Luther. He had a reputation as a bit of a “gangster.” He took Grace in hand and soon, with his crew’s help, he began training her. Grace spent lots of time on her knees learning how to please. She soon began to enjoy having her pussy stretched by BBC too. Luther turned the formerly sweet, but sexy Filipina into a submissive BBC slut.

The road to becoming a cuckold

Since they had become temporarily estranged, Joshua wanted to see if he could get back together with her. He traced Grace to the club. There, Luther laughingly treated Joshua to a graphic demonstration of Grace’s new skills — the result of her training. Grace was working a nude model, posing for art students in the mornings. Luther soon showed Joshua what else Grace had been trained to do. She had been fucked by all four of his assistants, plus four of the waiters and the club manager too. And, Luther was beginning to sell Grace’s ass to select customers as well. Stunned, Joshua’s mind was blown. The graphic discovery of Grace’s new reality put Joshua on the road to becoming a cuckold. This is a wicked tale of a young man who learns, much to his chagrin, that some sweet girls harbor the darkest desires.

They Trained his Girlfriend is a Talbot Press novella which features graphic sex and language, cuckolding and interracial sexual humiliation. All characters are 18 years of age or older.

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Joshua Reyes – Cuckold

“How did I get started writing about cuckolding? Well, I blame my girlfriend because she cuckolded me for real. I was 35 years old at the time, a computer nerd with a good job. Let’s say her name is “Grace.” She was a Filipino like me. I was the only Filipino she’d ever dated. She said Filipinos reminded her of her brother. This was the first warning sign. The second warning sign was one night after we’d had a few drinks. I asked her how many lovers she’d had. She took a moment and said, “I dunno… maybe 60… Hmm… might be closer to 70!”

But it got worse. One holiday weekend, I was barbecuing and we were drinking margaritas. We got to talking about cocks. I asked her what she preferred. I figured she’d say ‘white dicks.’ She had dated a lot of white guys before we hooked up. But, she said, “what I really like are the black ones. Especially the big, black cocks.”

BBC – Big, Black Cocks

I almost fell off my chair, but tried to remain cool. But, that admission was my third big warning. Somehow I suppressed that revelation and we continued on our merry way. That is until about a year later when we broke up. Or should I say that I broke up with her. And that’s when I made the biggest discoveries of all. She told me that she was chasing men to find the biggest dicks she could find, especially the black ones. She also told me that I had never made her cum by fucking her.

I was devastated. I went into a tailspin depression. And I started masturbating more than ever. I realized that I had an average sized cock, a bit on the small side and that size-queen hot girls like Grace would always be outside my reach in more ways than one. Online I discovered cuckold porn and got addicted. I found that I liked the stories as much anything available as a DVD. I became an addicted porn nut driven almost exclusively by cuckold porn. BBC fucking white or Asian girls is my thing.


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