White Widow in Zimbabwe

White Widow in Zimbabwe6White Widow in Zimbabwe

Interracial sex, harsh interrogation, sexual slavery & forced breeding…

Published by Talbot Press
Copyright 2016 by Leslie Parma
Rating: Intensity Level 3
Words: 39,480
Language: English
ISBN: 9781311567864

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Sarah, a white widow and business owner, lives under a troubled regime. She falls afoul of Baas Okonkwo, a sadistic policeman who begins to victimize her and her stepson. Sarah is questioned and harshly interrogated and confesses to questionable crimes as well as betraying friends. The widow loses her business and her freedom ending up a humiliated, degraded sex slave to Okonkwo and others in this tale of interracial sexual slavery.

WARNING: White Widow in Zimbabwe is a Talbot Press novella which features graphic sex acts, rough language, sexual humiliation, an interrogation, interracial sex, breeding and BDSM. All characters are 18 years of age or older.

A new hardcore novella from Leslie Parma

Fans of African Revenge, African Revenge 2, Cuckold Punishment Camp, Impregnated by Blacks, African Impregnation, Defiled by the Savages and Bangkok Dog Show will really enjoy Leslie Parma’s White Widow in Zimbabwe. It’s a similar hard-core interracial sex drama where a white woman and her stepson are abused and trained to be sex slaves. This erotic BDSM eBook features sexual humiliation, punishment, degradation, an intense interrogation scene, a trip to a sadistic doctor’s office and forced breeding. If you love interracial BDSM humiliation stories this will really trip your trigger. Not for the faint of heart! BTW, it features a “dog trolley” scene!


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